mai to august 2019

join our art project in the working hall of an old coal mine, with workshops, café, upcycling workshops, fleamarket, dancesaloon, and much more. you can inscribe for participation now, the places are limited.


2018, Novembre


Vernissage chez Loic à Marseille 4. Nov  &

Exposition dans la Galerie POC, Cours Thierry, 13001 Marseille

2016, November


Lyon. A wonderful city full of live and an amazing old village. I had the chance to meet there my collegues DaCollage et Monsieur Zut - Didier Boisson, two collagistes for an inspiring meeting. I'll come back !

2016, September


Visiting Bordeaux and the wonderful landscape around to get inspired. Then there is a one day stay in Bordeaux to visit exposition and talk to artists friends.

2016, August


High five, New York is awesome. After 20 years back in big apple. It's marvelous. This time i was more impressed by Brooklyn, it's so inspiring all the artists i met there. Thanks a lot my friends :)


Exposition with Richard Trettler at the


Jobwerkstatt des WIFI NÖ

Hans Czettel Platz 2

2630 Ternitz



2016, April


As artist collective STREIFLICHT we are invited to expose in the rooms of INFONOVA, a software concern, in Graz. thank you for being there and for you all ... welcome. You have the chance to visit our expositions in passages and gallery at INFONOVA, during opening hours until August, 30th.


Infonova GMBH

Seering 6

8141 Premstätten/Graz (Ausfahrt Schwarzlsee)




Nov. 2015

Invitation for Exposition at Castle Schönbrunn, Vienna


Einladung zur Ausstellung „Eigen Sicht der Dinge“

Vernissage: Freitag, 6.11.2015 um 15.00 Uhr im Kunstsalon Schönbrunn

Schloss Schönbrunn, Ovalstiege, 3. Stock, 1130 Wien


Eröffnung durch den Präsidenten Karl Novak

Ausstellende Künstlerinnen und Künstler: Juliana Dobrikova, Christian Eichinger, Christine Eichinger, Rimon Esho, Susanne Ganter-Ullmann, Friedrich Heininger,

Suze La Rousse, Dorota Henk, Jutta Kratky, Ingrid Kurnig, Brigitte Lichtenhofer-Wagner, Yoly Maurer, Christof Mayer, Brigitte Meissl, Evelyn Miksch, Barbara Ritterbusch-Nauwerck, Christof Seiser, Enkhtumen Showkh

Öffnungszeiten: Sa. 7.11. v. 13 – 15 Uhr, Di. 10.11. v. 10 – 15 Uhr, Fr. 13.11. v. 13 – 16 Uhr, Sa. 14. 11. v. 13 – 15 Uhr

Oct. 2015,


really crazy working the last weeks. but now it's ready: you can order the new serie of postcards for christmas or art-cards from the last serie: portraitS

EUR 2,50/piece, EUR 22 for 10 pieces.



Sept. 2015,


hi dears,

i made a really great inspiration travel to and through france, *la route de l'art* where i met many artists. our adventures and discoveries you can read in our blog.

there you can also discover great artists from france ...


looking forward for great projects together ...



Nov. 2014,

now you can find all news, dates & photos  about STREIF.LICHT on Facebook


Oct. 2013,


hi dears,

 now i have really good news for all them who are addicted to arts, particularily for austrian arts. a nice fusion has been installed by suzelarousse, christian huber and gerhard kubassa. and the name ...

 well ... it's STREIF.LICHT

 the light which lightens the dark,

the light which shows us things in a soft colour,

the light which is lightening themes we do not like,

the light which makes us dream,

the light which invites us to see the reality.



suzelarousse created her own designlabel namend "MAID OF AUSTRIA". there you can find all my design. so it was possible to make a little categorisation of my works to separate pure arts from design and commercial products. i do well know, that this is not possible in all ways, but in some, indeed. 





Mar. 2014

actually you can find an exposition of STREIF.LICHT in the new boutique store of PHÖNIX OSTARRICHI in gloggnitz, lower austria. the boutique is staffed by handmade products of phönix but also designs by MAID OF AUSTRIA.