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born in vienna her first appearance artistique was at the age of 3 years, when she was left five minutes alone with a craft scissors in plastic for kids.  with some cuts she transformed into the first iroquois. understandably that the ecstasy of her parents  for this  first burst of art work was pretty limited. 


nevertheless the style of her works rested  always freestyle, driven by curiosity and a irrepressible will to discover something out of mainstream. so she tried to express her creativity in various forms when she was becoming a young lady: designing clothes and tissues,  painting, collages and photograph by using different methods.

in the middle of her twenties photography became her passion, what is still the base of inspiration and creation. just as an atavistic desire for dark chocolate when there is chili inside.


at design and fashion she is focusing of sustainability and material consumerism of our society, when she started her own label and her new artworks.  works are time-critical collages, expressing a vigorous wink to the current world situation. that's what pop-art is talking about. 


a little bit different and backwards is her inspiration by other artists like Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Robert Rauschenberg, Ai Weiwei, Picasso and Bauhaus Style. Backwards, because she discovered elements of her works in theirs.  her message is to learn from every situation, to be tolerant and don't take life too seriously ...


with chili only ;)    

Member of I.A.A. (international Association of Arts) (No. 6940)

Member of the professional association for visual arts of Austria, section multimédia  (No.F0046)


President of the intercultural network for arts, music and cultural heritage  « COMBINAT »

Advisory board of the cultural network of Lower Austria



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