La route de l'Art 2015

In August-September 2015 i was travelling through France, to meet Artist friends from Facebook. First it was only a call to all Artist, who were interested to meet me, to write their postal code. To meet them, to discuss ideas, to see their works, to listen to their music, to see their performance, to visit their places of creativity ... briefly to pass nice time together. I was so surprised and touched by their cordiality and the number of recommendations that i began to write a blog.

Now, the blog is ready, and I focus on to make a book of it.

But meanwhile, you can enjoy the blog, the artists and the adventures we made ... Suze & Coco

The blog

Bloglink La Route de l'Art by Suze LaRousse 2015
Carnet de voyage by Suze LaRousse

The artists  - Route de l'Art 2015

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